Studio Italia  specialises in providing a wide range of lighting products such as wall lamps, recessed lamps, exterior lamps, chandeliers, spot and track lamps. Pendant lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, ceiling lamps and flushed lamps are also available from Studio Italia. More than 120 varieties of wall lamps are offered by Studio Italia.

Studio Italia has over 70 different types of wall lamps and over 30 types of recessed lamps. Studio Italia offers both 12 volts and 24 volts spot and track assembly. Studio Italia offers an extensive range of ceiling and flushed lamps.

Studio Italia offers about 50 different types of pendant lamps and over 60 different types of table and floor lamps. Studio Italia supplies a wide range of exterior lamps and chandeliers.

Studio Italia offers a variety of chandeliers which includes Andra, Aura Pendant, Aura Red, Blum Chandelier, Edrus, Fenice, Genie, Giogali 3D, Giogali chandelier, Isabella, Leonardo, Marylin Black, Michelino, Milu Chandelier, Mini one, Ritz, San Marco, Shiraz, Soffio and Vienna. Exterior lighting products from Studio Italia can harmonise any decor and give an enchanting look to the property.