The Kwikloc aquatic aluminium ceiling system from Studform was installed at the Alice Springs Aquatic Centre, NT. With advice from leading corrosion consultants, the aluminium ceiling system was carefully designed to stand up to the harsh chlorine environment.

Designers can confidently utilise the Kwikloc aluminium ceiling system, which consists of aluminium wall angle brackets, aluminium and stainless steel fixings, aluminium purlin clips and aluminium suspension rods, and offers double-grommeted protection.

Aquatic environments expose all metal surfaces to corrosion, with the chlorine infiltrating not only below ceiling but above ceiling areas as well. Additionally, factors such as shear forces, ceiling height and intermediary partitions increase the potential for ceiling collapse.

Four years after the Kwikloc aluminium ceiling system was installed, the Alice Spring Aquatic Centre ceiling continues to look as fresh and invigorating as the first day. Coupled with the RH100 OWA Aqua Cosmos tile, the Aquatic Centre ceiling solution is there for the long haul.