The new Studco hemmed track has been designed and developed by Studco Building Systems to provide a safer work environment for site contractors.

Studco’s hemmed track has been designed to reduce the chance of injury by minimising exposure of sharp edges to site personnel during the installation of the steel stud systems. According to Worksafe Victoria, manual handling is one of the biggest causes of workplace injuries.

The new Studco hemmed track addresses these issues as with the sharp edge gone, the tracks are safer and easier to handle. Once installed, the likelihood of anyone cutting themselves on the hemmed track edge is greatly reduced.

The safety hem runs along the length of the track and also provides extra strength to the profile. Studco hemmed track is available from 64mm to 92mm in size and in both 0.50BMTand 0.70BMT ranges.

No change has been mage to the track part numbers.

Unhemmed steel track will also be available on request, though lead times are applicable.