Stronger Foundations Labour Hire  specialise in labour hire services for all types of carpentry applications for commercial and residential projects.

Stronger Foundations are registered builders, employing and hiring out only skilled professionals that will complete commercial or residential projects on time, and most importantly within budget.

Run by builders, not salesmen, Stronger Foundations Labour Hire initially employ their own men on their own building sites, meaning the best performers are selected on Stronger Foundations’ time, not the client’s valuable time.

Grant Lindsay, Registered Builder and owner of Stronger Foundations Labour Hire, works on site with his skilled labour team and explained that his team are “good blokes” and are loyal and committed to achieving the highest possible standard for their assigned tasks, and always work to this motto.

Supervised Stronger Foundations Labour Hire teams can be sent, with their own tools, to site immediately.

Stronger Foundations Labour Hire provides: 

  • All insurances, WMS, safety policies 
  • Their own Supervisors 
  • Their own tools, including safety gear 
  • Competitive rates
Recent projects completed include:
  • Engineer-designed back-propping for 250 tonne mobile cranes setting up on suspended concrete slabs above car park 
  • Framing and Fit outs (Coral Homes) 
  • Hardwood decking and hanging all timber doors for 13 level high-end luxury apartments – Brisbane River (Hutchinson Builders) 
  • Tavern, specialty stores, underground car park, liquor store, Woolworths Shopping Centre Redcliffe (Marco Constructions) specialised in organizing onsite labour requirements 
  • Renovations, termite damage, extensions, bathroom renovations