Wood Without Worry is a collection of aluminium woodgrain battens from Street Furniture Australia, designed to provide the warm look of timber with the minimal maintenance requirements of powdercoated aluminium.

Natural timber is a high maintenance material that demands oiling every three months to keep it looking fabulous. Battens from Wood Without Worry, on the other hand, require a simple wipe down of the woodgrain aluminium with a clean, damp cloth every few months.

Wood Without Worry aluminium woodgrain battens are available in a choice of five beautiful shades of wood ranging from dark to light and cool to warm.

Aluminium Woodgrain Battens

Available shades: 1. Bush Cherry, 2. Wenge, 3. Spotted Gum, 4. Beach Oak Grey, 5. Curly Birch

Some Wood Without Worry battens require end caps – you can match the end cap with the colour of the frame or batten.

Classic Plaza Seat

Classic Plaza Seat (CMP1) with aluminium woodgrain battens in Spotted Gum and Textura Monument frames.

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