Conventional methods of digging holes require shovels, bobcats, backhoes and bulldozers. All risk damage to hidden services such as sewage pipes, optic and electric cables, water mains and gas pipes. A new technique is poised to change all that by excavating without the risk of collateral damage.

The JetVac Hydroexcavation system, produced by StreamLine Drains and Pipes , can carve holes with high precision in bitumen and even concrete without disturbing these services.

This technology uses high pressure water jets on a rotating head to cut through the surface. When such services are likely to be present, the water pressure can be varied to avoid damage.

A suction apparatus is an integral part of JetVac Hydroexcavation system. It removes all the rubble produced during excavation and stores it in a collection tank. The water is separated from the excavated material, which is used later to refill the hole when work has been completed.

This new technology will be an advantage for the excavation industry particularly where access is difficult. The JetVac Hydroexcavation system’s ability to cut around structures and services that need to be kept intact will help to prevent the disruption caused when gas lines, telephone cables or other services are severed inadvertently.

The commercial potential of the JetVac Hydroexcavation system is more. It saves time and money in excavating the site and rehabilitating the area.

Up to 30% of the cost of landscaping and resurfacing paved areas can be avoided by using JetVac instead of the more conventional systems.

A patent for the JetVac technology has been applied for. When this is granted the JetVac Hydroexcavation will make an immediate impact wherever excavation is required.