Imagine the shock and surprise experienced by Streamline Drains & Pipelines’ operators while working on a sewer line when they discovered a piece of jewellery.

Not the sort of thing one experiences every day during the normal course of work.

This happy event occurred in a Retirement Village on the North Shore, where Streamline Drains & Pipelines was engaged to clear and clean out some sewer lines.

Using a High Pressure Water Jet to carry out the work, the operators discovered a hole in the pipe but they also discovered a wedding ring.

This wedding ring was inscribed on the inside, and the inscription could easily be read.

The ring was handed over to the manager of the retirement centre, and eventually returned to the elderly owner - who, as you would imagine, was overcome with emotion, as the ring had been missing for a long time.

Streamline Drains & Pipelines went on to line the pipe and complete the job to everyone's delight.

No digging up was necessary. Had excavation been carried out - the ring, most likely, would never have been found.

A happy story.