StrathAyr Turf Systems  offers turfs that can be laid in domestic applications such as in front of homes. The Easigreen grass offered by StrathAyr Turf Systems has been developed using advance technology and it has the ability to repair itself from minor damages. This grass also stays green in all seasons and this can be laid by home owners who desire deep green and luxurious lawns in front of their homes.

The RTF range of grass can be used for domestic applications and it has the ability to produce rhizomes. The rhizomes create a mechanism which facilitates the grass to repair itself and cover bare sports, thus giving the lawn a natural look.

The Sir water premium lawn turf from StrathAyr Turf Systems requires less maintenance and it is also weed resistant and salt tolerant. This turf is also resistant to draught and thus is designed to be durable in nature.

StrathAyr Turf Systems offers Netpave 25, which has been developed for installation in areas which are prone to regular wear and tear. Areas such as parking lots can be laid with this turf as it will be flexible and not cause any damage. This model of turf comes with a rapid fastening system and can be ideally used on top of existing grass surfaces.