Stramit's PanelLock insulated panel range adopts a unique interlocking joint system that, combined with the panel’s lightweight and longspan, makes for easy installation. 

Like other popular insulated panels on the market, PanelLock comprises an expanded polystyrene (EPS/FR) core sandwiched by two 6mm layers of Colorbond coloured steel.

This proven duo makes for a long-term stable and high-performing thermal performance, with PanelLock reaching a possible R-Value of 6.58.

The panel’s strength to weight ratio also means that less load bearing structural support is required compared to other traditional façade application such as block, precast concrete and timber framing.

The key difference between Stramit and competitors is their unique locking system and ease of installation. Longspan panels simply lock together and are joined at aluminium corners and perimeters with a pop-rivet system.