Drains are a vital element of any residential or commercial project. When properly installed, they are effectively out of sight and out of mind, and ensure that important everyday activities including bathing, cooking, and washing can be done safely and efficiently. Unfortunately, drain planning is an often-overlooked element of the construction process.

In their new whitepaper, How proper planning can stop your project going down the drain, drainage experts Stormtech take a closer look at the importance of planning drain installations. To begin, the whitepaper outlines the main factors that must be taken into account when planning a drain: location, drainage style, timing of construction, and regulatory compliance. Next, it details the complex regulatory framework surrounding drainage products in Australia, before turning to Stormtech and their range of durable, high performance drainage solutions.

With more than 25 years’ experience at the forefront of the global drainage industry, Stormtech has earned a reputation as one of Australia’s most respected drainage manufacturers and suppliers. Driven by innovation and a genuine passion for developing practical, long-lasting solutions to everyday solutions, Stormtech products exceed fitness for purpose and demonstrate compliance with the stringent standards for drainage in Australia.

To learn more about the importance of planning drain installations and understand the key considerations that must be taken into account at the planning stage, download How proper planning can stop your project going down the drain.