Stormtech explains the phenomenon of urban runoff and its serious implications on the natural and built environment through a free infographic.

Every year, 500 billion litres of stormwater flow into the ocean, about as much water as there is in Sydney Harbour. Containing pollutants such as suspended solids and sediment, nutrients, organic matter, trace materials, oils and surfactants, and litter, urban runoff impacts the environment with effects including dirty and biologically altered water.

In properties with poor drainage, urban runoff can cause leaks and mould, erode foundations and attract pests.

Water sensitive urban design or WSUD is an Australian initiative that aims to provide the tools and resources to assist with runoff-conscious construction and design. WSUD also involves the use of quality drainage products that meet rigorous environmental standards.

As the only drainage manufacturer with Level A GreenTag certification, Stormtech is committed to high quality design and manufacturing standards for their drainage solutions utilising WSUD as the guiding philosophy.

Click here to view the Urban Runoff infographic.