In the retail arena, storage requirements vary from business to business. It is important to make the most of retail space by maximising efficiency and aesthetics. The last thing the retailer would want to do is compromise product’s presentation. It can bring the perceived value of the product down, and in the current economic market retailers need to put their best foot forward.

To solve the retail shelving problems, Stormor Shelving Australia have produced a version of Longspan shelving. The tough system of Longspan shelving has a hidden slot pattern in the rear of the posts, creating a sleek and sophisticated look that architects and shop fitters need. Longspan is simple with only three components including frames, beams and decking, making installation a simple process.

Longspan is powder-coated for a tough durable finish and can be adjusted to suit any area, gaining much additional storage space as possible. The heavy duty step beam construction increases the available opening space of each level without leaving any sharp edges for people to be injured on. Depending on the configuration, shelves can take up to 1400kg (UDL). With three standard frame heights available at 2100mm, 2400mm and 3000mm, and special sizes also available on request, Longspan has the adaptability to suit any situation.

Longspan shelving has the flexibility and looks to present the product in good light. Stormor Shelving Australia have every major category of storage is covered including the aforementioned Longspan shelving, plus industrial racking and steel shelving. All Stormor products are produced and installed under strict quality management systems, which are upgraded to meet industrial standards. Stormor Shelving Australia‘s entire range of shelving systems complies with Australian Standards.