A leading secure storage facility manufacturer, Store-Safe , has updated its already informative web site to offer a greater resource bank of information for compliant safe storage of dangerous goods, tools and equipment.

Apart from itemising all products and specifications for the complete Store-Safe range of toolboxes, site boxes, storage and safety cabinets, stores and accommodation buildings, the Store-Safe web site also offers detailed information on storage compliance and responsibilities.

In addition to product information and specifications, the company has also features a range of video presentations for product showcasing. According to Store-Safe Managing Director, Grant Breeze, the updated web site can now create a virtual showroom.

“The video clips offer the viewer a detailed tour of most storage facilities,” “They are produced to offer the visitor to the site a complete understanding of the products’ size, capacities, features and options available,” said Mr Breeze.

According to Mr Breeze, the updated web site is a valuable tool for people involved in the OH&S industry, especially those responsible for the storage of dangerous and hazardous materials in the workplace.