Over a period of time, a home’s outdoors will begin to look shabby and tired, necessitating a makeover. Professional landscapers have a responsibility to educate their clients on the best management practices, design concepts and practical solutions for the exterior area around their homes.

There are several signs, which will indicate to the homeowner that their landscaping is failing. For instance, the outdoors can develop an unkempt look when weeds start growing through cracks in the concrete, between paver stones and through the patio decking, and finally take over the yard. Chipping or cracking can happen on concrete, asphalt or paver stones used for walkways, patios and driveways, which will not only look unsightly but also create a tripping hazard.

Drainage in the outdoor area can become a problem, leaving puddles or areas of soil erosion. Eroded soil can cause patio decks or retaining walls to collapse. Lack of attention to the greenery can lead to plantings such as trees, shrubs and flowers becoming spindly, tangled and unruly.

How the StoneSet permeable paving system repairs damaged yards

Most of the problems that typically occur in a home’s landscaped outdoors can be resolved with solutions from StoneSet Permeable Paving.

The StoneSet system is a hard, porous surface made from decorative stone and gravel. The highly robust material can bear the weight of a deck and also be used as an actual patio platform. StoneSet paving stones can be arranged in any shape to accommodate hardscaping elements such as retaining walls, fireplaces and water features.

Being porous, the paving system allows for absorption of rainwater, preventing puddles and protecting the soil from erosion. Weeds and other overgrowth are also contained by the StoneSet system.