Modern-day homeowners understand the need to make environment-friendly choices when it comes to selecting building materials for their home. This consideration also applies to choosing paving materials for hardscaping projects. By installing permeable paving, homeowners are not only making a significant contribution to conserving natural resources but also enhancing quality of life.

Conserving and preserving water resources

Cement and asphalt surfaces allow precious rainwater to flow into stormwater drains away from the plants that need it the most. Scientific studies indicate how the use of permeable pavements encourages the natural water cycle by allowing rainwater to flow through it into the ground, soaking the soil and making its way to the surrounding greenery.

StoneSet’s blend of stone and polyurethane resin does a far better job of conserving and preserving water than concrete, due to its permeable nature. Permeable paving not only reduces runoff but also helps prevent flooding. Since more rainwater is channelled into the ground through permeable paving, less rain runoff reaches rivers and retention basins. Reducing runoff also protects riverbanks and creek beds from erosion, preserving their integrity during severe storms.

StoneSet’s porous pavement also helps keep water clean by enabling it to be absorbed into the ground, breaking down impurities and only allowing a safer form to reach the soil or waterways.

Good for your greenery

The use of StoneSet Permeable Paving in hardscaping projects gives plants plenty of breathing room, unlike traditional concrete and asphalt surfaces that can block air and water from reaching plant roots. Permeable paving also allows greenery sufficient room to grow and thrive.

Cooler than concrete

The benefits of StoneSet’s permeable paving extend beyond the obvious aesthetic value added to any outdoor design project. By not absorbing or reflecting heat the way concrete does, permeable paving stays cool under the sun’s most punishing rays. Scientists say this can help reduce the heat island effect in urban areas.

Materials make a difference

StoneSet Permeable Paving uses only locally sourced stone from environmentally conscious quarries for their products. Local sourcing reduces the carbon footprint usually created by transporting materials over long distances. StoneSet also ensures that local sourcing is limited to quarries that have implemented dust control measures to help clear the air.