Your front yard is the first impression visitors will have of your property. A few simple upgrades can rejuvenate tired looking lawns and gardens and boost the image of your home.

Begin with raised flower beds using interlocking garden wall blocks, available at your local garden centre. Plant colourful perennial flowering shrubs and greenery with low maintenance requirements; ensure that the plants you choose are suitable for your local climate.

Lay pathways with decorative pavers leading to the front door and to the sides of the house. For the paving, select colours and shapes that complement the architecture of the house and the retaining walls surrounding the flower beds.

Next, use the StoneSet system to surround your pavers or create new areas. An excellent solution for covering all of the difficult grass, it will give your yard a clean appearance. StoneSet offers many options for decorative stone and gravel. Key advantages also include ability to cover up old surfaces and lawns; minimal maintenance; prevention of soil erosion; and added aesthetic appeal.

For the finishing touch, set planters with annual flowers or vegetables on the StoneSet surface as visual focal points.

All of these upgrades can be accomplished within a few days at a relatively low cost.

Contact StoneSet Permeable Paving for assistance with landscaping designs.