In this project StoneClip had Gosford Sandstone panels clad onto timber studs( 450mm centres) that are covered with construction grade 16 mm ply board.

The panels of stone are 50 mm thick and in modules of 850 mm long x from 250 mm to 500 mm high.

The wall has a 20 mm cavity behind and is 2.400mm high. StoneClip was loading up the clips with up to 25 kgs/ StoneClip with the 500 mm high pieces and down to 12 kgs/StoneClip with the 250 mm pieces.

The owner chose to use the 50 mm thick Sandstone panels because of its availability, but 30 mm panels would have been durable enough considering it is a sales office and then the weight factor on the clips would have gone down to 16 kgs and 7.5 kgs.