Porphyry Kerbstones from Stone Directions can be used as roadway kerbs or for landscaping applications.

Manufactured from high strength concrete ( 60MPa) Porphyry Kerbstones are a durable landscaping solution that are quick and easy to install. Porphyry Kerbstones have the authentic appearance of natural stone, with an authentic Porphyry blend colour that varies naturally from block to block, and within each block.

Installing Porphyry Kerbstones as suggested results in a regulation 150 x 150 kerb.

Roadway Kerbs

In the early colonial days of Brisbane the inner city streets had their kerbs constructed with porphyry stone blocks which were quarried from places like the Kangaroo Point cliffs. Of course, the natural porphyry stone is no longer quarried in Brisbane, but Stone Directions has produced a replica product which, because of its genuine appearance, maintains the precious character of the old heritage streets. Since 1998 thousands of lineal metres of Stone Directions Replica Porphyry Kerbs have improved the streetscapes in inner Brisbane suburbs like the City, Fortitude Valley, Spring Hill, Paddington, New Farm and Hawthorne.