Cobblestone from Stone Directions is available in 17 contemporary colours, with four different surface finishes: Granite, Helidon, Pavilion and Artisano.

Laying Cobblestone is simple, thanks to its consistent paver thickness that exceeds AS/NZS 4456.5. Stone Directions’ Cobblestone has a 60 MPa concrete compressive strength and is treated with an anti-efflorescence treatment to minimise colour lightening and maintain the natural stone appearance. Cobblestone pavers are salt resistant for use in salt water pools.

Cobblestone pavers can be laid in curves and different band widths, and colours match other paver products.

Granite Cobblesone’s 400 sq mat allows quicker laying with consistent joint widths. Pavilion, Artisano and Helidon Cobbles have 90 x 90 individual units which can be laid in curves and as single features.