The new type 3 stainless steel toilets from Stoddart Australia have an innovative and simple design. The type 3 stainless steel toilet pans feature a hydraulically formed seat to offer a safe, strong, comfortable, contoured and self draining profile.

Certified by WELS for 4.5 litre full flush and 3 litre half flush, type 3 stainless steel toilets help to reduce maintenance costs and water usage, and can be installed with a cistern or flush valve.

Type 3 stainless steel toilets feature an anti-contraband flushing rim and concealed plumbing and fixings to protect against vandalism, making the stainless steel toilets ideal for use in public amenities, high security prisons, detention centres and police stations.

A rear service duct or side access panel provides access to the plumbing of the stainless steel toilets. The optional heavy duty specification has a 3mm toilet seat and 2mm thick shrouds.

Stoddart Manufacturing has designed the high quality, comprehensively featured type 3 stainless steel toilet pans, to meet all current market demands.