Perforated metal is increasingly being considered as a useful material by architects and designers to achieve specific design and functional objectives in building projects. Perforated metal products by Stoddart Australia combine design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality. Examples of perforated metalwork include facades, balustrades, false ceilings and perforated screens.

The unique characteristics of perforated metal can help create just the right setting for the facade, the lobby or any part of the structure. In a facade application, a perforated metal sheet can be designed to allow the desired amount of light into the building, and even control solar heat gain, which can reduce the need for air conditioning.

In interior applications, perforated metal sheets can be used to create separate working spaces without giving a closed-in feeling, and even control the acoustics of open spaces.

Perforated metal is a chosen material for gates, barriers and screening, helping to create a safe and pleasant working environment in buildings. Extensively used in engineering, building, architecture and landscape situations, Stoddart’s perforated metal range includes standard as well as customised perforated metal sheets in steel, stainless steel, galvanised steel, aluminium, copper and brass among many other materials.

Stoddart can create perforated pictures from abstract designs, company branding or even a photograph. Each image is produced by punching different sized holes in metal to replicate the different shades within the image. The images can be made to fit an individual panel, or viewed over a larger area on several panels, creating a spectacular effect in building cladding or plant screening applications.

Through clever lighting techniques such as backlighting, natural lighting or diffused LED lighting, the perforated panels can take on a whole new life, transforming the environment where they are displayed. Used as image-based facades on new as well as existing structures or to provide sunscreen to a building to reduce energy consumption, this exciting new technology is highly versatile in function and can be applied to a range of different materials and finishes for both interior and exterior environments.

Precision manufacturing processes are applied to accurately render complex designs within perforated facades. Stoddart’s metal perforation capabilities encompass a broad application range, transforming geometric shapes, graphic designs and photographic images to create a dramatic visual effect, reflect a design theme on a building’s facade, or even achieve solar shading for greater energy efficiency.