Power Soak stainless steel pot washers from Stoddart Australia are efficient, continuous motion pot washers featuring back-of-the-tank-jets.

Power Soak, as pot washers or dishwashers, have a proven uniform wash action with the jets creating a continuous pot washing action.

Stoddart Australia has previously supplied Power Soaks pot washers into major quick-serve restaurants, sports stadiums and numerous large hotels.

Power Soak pot washers are available in various formats and sizes to suit different application and uses.

Constructed from 304 stainless steel, these pot washers do not require air extraction or induction over them, and will clean more efficiently than a mechanical style pot and pan washer.

To help soften and remove baked on grime the wash tank is heated to 45C, and the continuous flow enables employees to complete other tasks. The pot washers can help to reduce pot and pan wash up labor costs by up to 50%.

Continuous heavy-duty (TEFC) motors (high service factor) are provided with all pump assemblies.

Power Soak pot washers owe their efficiency and success to its Patented Features:

  • Fully self draining stainless steel pump, minimizing the risk of legionnaire’s disease
  • The rolling action, which is a result of the back-of-the-tank-jets
Power Soak pot washers Comply with Australian Electrical requirements AS NZS 60335.1, AS 3000, AS 3760, and with Sydney Water trade waste guidelines.