Architects working on infrastructure projects can take advantage of a range of perforated metal products from Stoddart Australia, which combine design and function in various applications.

Manufactured by Stoddart, these perforated metal products combine design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality for applications such as building facades or sheltered walkways, allowing architects to introduce a decorative aesthetic into practical solutions for solar shading and sound management.

As a lightweight cladding system, perforated materials can provide more pleasant interior environments by allowing natural ventilation and daylight to enter the internal space, thereby reducing energy consumption. Additionally, perforated metal cladding is ideal for shading spaces from direct sunlight, improving building security and enhancing the building’s acoustic performance in combination with sound-absorbing material.

Stoddart’s perforated metal products are available in a broad range of materials, can be customised for each client's requirements, and are used in endless applications for both internal and external spaces.