Perf Art from perforated metal products specialist Stoddart Australia combines design creativity with strength, precision, versatility and functionality.

Stoddart’s Perf Art can be customised for abstract designs, corporate branding or even a photograph; just about any image can be made to fit an individual panel or designed to fit over a larger area made up of several panels. 

When back-lit, either by natural light or diffused LED lighting, Perf Art panels take on a whole new life, transforming the environment in which they are displayed.

Stoddart’s perforated metal products are often used to add unique image-based facades to new and existing buildings; the Perf Art facade also functions as a sunscreen to reduce energy consumption within the building.

Perf Art technology can be applied to a range of different materials and finishes for both interior and exterior applications.

Stoddart Australia offers a broad range of materials and design customisation options to meet specific requirements.