The SteelDesign Steel Windows & Doors 32mm sections are very strong and they can be placed either inside or outside 14mm double glazed or glazed with single glass and they are usually used in schools, museums, offices, and for other construction projects. SteelDesign 40mm sections provides a versatile look in an architectural and in commercial buildings and glazing is possible from outside or inside. SteelDesign 40mm also helps to provide a larger perimeters.

The SteelDesign manufacturers the frames mitered welded with corner joints and the square flat dressed. SteelDesign provides the Composite windows assembled by integrating the windows vertically or horizontally with mullions or box sections tubes or box mullions, transoms of hot rolled slim steel profile, manufactured from sheet steel and in a choice of profile, pressed metal sill are available.

The windows and doors of SteelDesign are hot dip galvanized and shot blasted. At the time of this process, the steel windows are dipped in a bath of molten zinc after cleaning, then there will be reaction between zinc and iron to form layer of alloy and covered with pure zinc, later the window is withdrawn. The combination of soft zinc and hard alloy layers produces a strong protective coating and in case of damages the galvanized coating will be removed and thus prevents from rusting. The appearance of the galvanized steel windows can be increased using standard polyester powder coating or standard paint finishes.