Steelcase’s new Think Chair senses what a body’s posture requirements are, then adjusts itself to provide it, claim the manufacturers.

The Think chair is an environmentally sustainable seating product that attempts to address the growing need for mid-priced ergonomic seating.

The chair incorporates the latest technologies to create a chair that anticipates user needs throughout the working day and supports users as they change postures and sit for long periods of time. Following three years of extensive research and development, Steelcase has developed three elements that work together as the "brain" of the Think chair to anticipate user needs and react to them as they change.

The Your Profile seat and back system follows the movement of the user's back and encourages natural spinal motion, distributing support and guarding against the user settling into a hunched posture.

The Your Power mechanism interacts with the user by passively creating resistance as users recline proportional to the user’s individual weight, providing a more fluid, flexing motion than the robotic, prescribed movements created by most traditional chairs.

The third element, the Your Preference back selector, allows users to choose between three recline positions.

The Think chair also conforms to the highest environmental standards, says Steelcase. The chair is constructed from up to 41 per cent recycled material and is comprised of 99 per cent recyclable content.

Steelcase launched the new Think chair in their Pyrmont showroom during Saturday in Design, this month.