Starion  announces the release of the Swiss-designed KWC AVA mixers in the Australian market.

Featuring a harmonious design with efficient functionality, the new KWC AVA kitchen mixer range provides an impressive array of features designed to make life in the kitchen more convenient without compromising on style.

Along with revolutionary Swiss engineering, the KWC AVA mixers combine international design with function at an affordable price.

An eye-catching feature of this mixer range is its extremely flat lever.

The lever is based on an innovative leveller principle with an invisible lifting mechanism, which moves and lifts simultaneously on opening, providing a completely new feel to its operation and minimising water use through precise control.

Available in Pull-out Spray, Retractable Spray or Swivel Spout options, the new KWC AVA mixer range offers exceptional quality and performance while the square spout with a round base makes the mixers suitable for most kitchen set-ups.

The AVA retractable spray sink mixer features a one-touch button to change the water pressure from a maximum spray to a fine needle spray to make cleaning in the kitchen easier and time-efficient.

The pull-out aerator (vegetable spray) offers complete manoeuvrability, extending up to 70cm and making it a practical addition to any modern kitchen.

Customers can also choose the standard swivel or pull-out spout for a more classic look and added precision in operation and handling.

Ensuring optimal functionality, the AVA swivel spout mixer allows for a 270-degree turn function to create enough room and flexibility for more heavy-duty cleaning that requires plenty of space around the sink.

Each mixer features a solid and long-lasting chrome finish creating a simple yet timeless look to complement both traditional and contemporary kitchens.

The square spout with a round base design allows for greater aesthetic flexibility to suit most kitchens.

The mixers have WELS 5-Star rating for water efficiency and incorporate an easy ‘turn and clean’ mechanism, which makes maintenance of these sink mixers simple and trouble-free.