Stainless Sections  offer patterned stainless steel sheets that are manufactured in Buffalo, New York by Rigidized Metals Corp. These 304 grade stainless steel sheets have been pattern rolled and feature a 2D2 finish.

At present, Stainless Sections stock 6SL, 3ND, 1LTH and 2WL stainless steel sheets but other patterns are available on indent from Rigidized Metals.

Regular powder coating/linishing and clear tinted powder coating is offered in a range of colours including; Blue, Brass, Citrine, Green, Kiwi Jade, Orange, Red, Sapphire, and Violet.

Stainless steel is naturally corrosion, and scratch and wear resistant, making it useful in numerous commercial, industrial and residential applications such as exterior cladding, doors, lifts, household equipment, counter tops, and protective shields.

The pattern rolling process helps to increase the rigidity, meaning that thinner material can be utilised, enabling weight savings in particular applications.