Stainless Sections’  cold rolled stainless steel sheets are provided with a variety of surface finishes to meet specific requirements for appearance, hygiene and corrosion resistance.

The different designs are produced by rolling between patterned rollers. Final treatment such as bright annealing or brushing is used to enhance the appearance of the finished sheet.

Applications of design rolled stainless steel sheets include:

  • Exterior wall panels and cladding in buildings
  • Lifts, doors, escalators and other interior equipment
  • Household equipment such as sinks, refrigerator and freezer cabinets
  • Counter tops and other shop fittings
  • Protective shields
  • Cisterns and tanks

Advantages of design rolled stainless steel sheets include the following:

Attractive appearance:

The surface appearance is the obvious characteristic of design rolled material. A wide range of different decors and patterns area is available. Some designs minimise the bright reflection of flat material—other are specially developed for architectural cladding.

Increased stiffness:

The special pattern rolling process gives the material considerably higher stiffness. Consequently, thinner gauge material can be used, thus allowing substantial weight savings to be made in certain applications.

High resistance to wear and scratching:

Stainless steel has a natural resistance to denting and tearing and this resistance is enhanced by design rolling. This allows graffiti spray painting to be easily removed.

Cost efficiency:

Compared with the maintenance and potential replacement costs associated with other materials, design rolled stainless steel often shows considerable life cycle cost savings.

Corrosion resistance:

Due to the inherent qualities of stainless steel, corrosion resistance is a given for this material.