St George Appliances  have announced an addition to their cooktop range with the introduction of their new 3 Zone, 60cm Induction Cooktop.

An innovation in cooking technologies, induction cooktops heat food faster and more safely, meaning the user will spend less time in the kitchen, and save money as well as valuable natural resources.

With induction technology heat is generated when a magnetic pan is placed on the cooking zone. There is no radiant heat; the pan heats itself (not the element) ensuring powerful, efficient cooking.

In fact, induction cooking is safe because the cooktop does not stay hot, making it safer for curious little fingers. Induction cooking is also highly energy efficient (85 to 90% efficiency compared to gas at 43% and electricity at 44% efficiency).

St George Appliances’ new 3 Zone, 60cm Induction Cooktop also has a range of ideal features suitable for both dedicated cooks and safety-conscious families, which include the following:

  • Booster function available on all three cooking zones for rapid cooking
  • The Electronic Touch Control Operation and Cookware Detection system means cooking up a storm has never been easier
  • Each cooking zones boasts nine heat settings, temperature setting lock, and 99-minute timer to give a complete control over the menu
  • Advanced safety features like automatic safety shutdown and residual heat indicators means the Induction Cooktop is highly safe for use with young children
  • The Induction Cooktop’s stainless steel surround will make a strong style statement in the busy room of the house.

With over 60 years experience in creating and manufacturing appliances to suit contemporary lifestyles, Sydney-based St George Appliances’ new Induction Cooktops have been designed with more attention to detail to rival the good European design has to offer.