What is technology in retail? We are all familiar with the networked sales tools that allow sales staff to search for product country-wide, mobile devices used to accept orders and payment as well as touch technology behind the sales counter.

More and more the latest wireless communication, scheduled and personalised digital advertising and interactive directories are actively engaging those of us on the other side of the sales counter.

Technology and increasingly, interactive technology like that designed and built by a leading provider of Digital Directory solutions in Australia, Sprocket Kiosks , is being used by retailers to hook in a loyal customer base.

“One of the greatest benefits afforded by new technology is the increased ability to communicate. And with the opportunities that meaningful communication can deliver in retail, both consumers and retailers stand to reap the benefits.” says Sprocket Kiosks’ managing director Gerry Mussett.

While not everyone lives to shop, we all like to make smart decisions in a relaxed, low-pressure environment.

Sprocket Kiosks’ range of interactive directories and kiosks accommodate this preference whilst still ensuring that the 70% of us who make our final buying decision in store are targeted and engaged.

Sales staff can be freed from dealing with often-repetitive enquiries while shoppers make their final buying decisions without the perception they’re making a purchase under duress.

Utilising Sprocket’s iDirect intelligent back end system to administer interactive devices also has some huge advantages.

Out-classing traditional advertising mediums such as TV and radio, promotions run on kiosks, digital directories and other interactive devices located within the retail space can be targeted to a particular demographic or at a particular location or time of day.

And just as quickly as they were advertised, promotions can be updated, tweaked or cancelled. In this way, retailers are able to boost their bottom line by encouraging customers to take advantage of their unique point of purchase promotions.