Sprocket installed a 46" touchscreen tenant directory in the foyer of 200 Queen Street, located in the heart of Melbourne’s legal precinct.

Cunsolo Architects, responsible for the foyer facelift chose the 46" Sprocket touchscreen tenant directory to help redefine the space.

Comprising of 25 levels of office accommodation, an office foyer, ground level retail premises and nine levels of car parking, the building needed an efficient self-managed system to present up-to-date tenant information for visitors. 

The Sprocket T46.WP FastFind touch directory was selected for its elegant design, straightforward and easy-to-update software, and ability to be fitted into a custom stainless steel chassis already designed for the new foyer fitout. 

With over 200 tenants, mainly legal service providers, and several more visitors, the Directory’s fast and efficient tenant search functionality keeps interaction times short and clientele on the move.

Sprocket digital directories are the preferred choice for architects and building managers nationwide.