Established in 1997, Sportstime specialises in offering a wide range of timing equipment. Timing equipment offered by Sportstime is of premium quality and durability. Sportstime offers timing equipment that is highly reliable. Sportstime offers timing equipment which ranges from stopwatches to large public displays. Sportstime supplies clocks and timers for the MCG redevelopment. Timers from Sportstime are used in Rugby League, Australian Rules and Union Grounds inmost states. Time displays and stopwatches from Sportstime are highly used in biggest marathons including Gold coast, Melbourne and Sydney. Time displays and sport clocks from Sportstime are also used in various triathlons, fun runs and ocean swims across Australia and overseas.

Sportstime is said to be a specialist in supplying a wide range of countdown timers, outdoor clocks and scoring equipment for TV programs, commercials and corporate events. These scoring equipment and countdown timers from Sportstime are also used for various trade shows. Sportstime offers a wide range of timers for football, fitness, athletics, swimming and scoreboard applications. Sportstime offers LED game timers for football applications. Sportstime offers a wide range of fitness equipment which includes weighted vest and power breathe. Sportstime offers a wide range of sports equipment which includes LED sports timer, rolling message displays, countdown timers and flipper timers.