Available from Spirit Marble and Tile Care , Pre-seal is a sealant that is water based and works by penetrating in the stone. Spirit Pre-Seal sealant contains a glass type resin compound, has no fumes or odour and is suitable for internal and external use. The sealant permits vapour transmission, is mildew resistant ad facilitates on-going maintenance of porous tiles.

The sealant can be applied in 3 different ways:

  • Dipping is the most preferred way of applying Pre-Seal as it will seal all six sides and assure that application is even through the stone.
  • Lambswool applicators can be used but in order to seal the stone properly the sides of the stone should be sealed as well.
  • Spraying is a fast application option, however it is important that the stone sealer is not allowed to pool on the stone as this can cause an excess problem.

Once sealed the stone will need to air dry and cure fully for 24 hours before it can be laid. The sealant may not perform if stacked wet or packed in a crate. The stone should be wiped with a white cotton cloth before stacking to prevent the tile sitting in excess sealant.

The sealant stops capillary actions in the stone which prevents water and water based staining materials from absorbing into the stone.

Spirit Pre-Seal will not affect adhesion or interfere with the laying of the stone, but will act as a grout release to assist in the removal of grout haze. This is important as the use of acid products can damage some stones. 

Stone treated with stone sealant will act as a final seal with years of performance. However, if the stones are to be used for entertainment or food areas, the stone should be further sealed with a spirit water-based Premium Seal that will provide protection against oils and food stains.

Spirit Pre-Seal is non-flammable and non-toxic and can be used on the following products:

  • Terracotta and unglazed porous clay
  • Natural stones such as limestone, slate, sandstone, honed sandblasted & flamed granite and flagstone
  • Concrete and clay and cement pavers
  • Unpolished marble and porous granite