The rise in building activity across the multi-residential, high-rise, commercial, industrial and cinema markets has correspondingly increased the responsibility of builders, developers and design professionals in ensuring safety and efficiency. All project stakeholders seek and apply technical and design solutions to guarantee everyone’s safety, while maximising building program efficiency.

Speedpanel, an Australian-owned and operated company, continues to rise to the occasion with their cutting-edge acoustic and fire rated wall systems designed to fit a wide range of applications.

Lightweight and easy to install, Speedpanel’s systems offer superior fire and acoustic performance, and are proactively developed as practical solutions that can significantly increase the efficiency of critical pathways on projects of all sizes.

At Speedpanel, we are committed to developing, manufacturing and supplying sustainable building solutions that offer first rate design and performance possibilities. Working towards this objective, we bring a refined focus to the Quality Assurance (QA) of our products throughout the end-to-end manufacturing process. We assess our certified products multiple times throughout production. Furthermore, our meticulous QA process enables us to confidently stand behind our products.

Our multi-staged QA process includes:

Stage 1 – QA Seaming (stitching panel shells together)

In this stage, a full quality control check and measurement of all key areas on panels and packs are performed. All details are checked against the order requirements, male and female dimensions are confirmed, along with the lengths, seam quality, steel quality and twisting. All these need to be within tolerance to pass the stage and meet Speedpanel’s strict standards.

Stage 2 – QA Prepping (stage prior to pouring/filling of panels)

This stage involves a visual quality control inspection of all items to assess panel readiness for the next production stage. This check ensures our production processes are as efficient as possible and there is no downtime as panels make their way through to pouring/filling.

Stage 3 – QA Brushing (cleaning of panels in preparation for storage)

The checks in this stage replicate the same quality control checks performed after seaming.

Stage 4 – QA Warehouse (finished products go into storage to await final transport)

This inspection involves visual quality checks of the product, re-checking of lengths and confirmation of correct packaging for transportation.

Stage 5 – QA Dispatch

Finally, prior to the dispatch of items, a final QA Dispatch check is also performed to review all details and ensure that they are up to the high Speedpanel standard.

Striving for excellence

Speedpanel’s continued success in providing innovative building solutions is in no small part thanks to the commitment of our team.

We are proud of our experienced quality & process manager, Kalpesh Mau, and his team for their resolute adherence to our strict quality standards. The QA team inspects our products 5 times during the manufacturing process, ensuring that only the best panels are delivered to clients.

At Speedpanel, we are proud to offer you a certified quality product that you can trust.

Image: Speedpanel quality & process manager Kalpesh Mau (left) and QA 2IC Bawi Kam