Spectrum Lighting  is one of the leaders in energy efficient lighting technology including optic fibre lighting, fluorescent and LED lighting. Spectrum Lighting is run by Janson McCoy and this company is involved in wholesale as well as import services to customers. The products of Spectrum Lighting can be purchased from various kinds of lighting outlets across New Zealand and Australia, which includes major retail suppliers like Rovert Lighting & Electrical.

The product range offered by Spectrum Lighting comprises LED street lighting, Australian made marine grade stainless steel light fittings in terms of domestic and commercial use, landscape lighting, architectural lighting as well as various other high quality lighting products.

Spectrum Lighting offers a wide range of LED bar and street light series such as LED strip lighting, energy efficient globes, LED street light series, LED bar light series, ARCO range, SWAN range, ASTRA range and Jorgen range. The lights provided by Spectrum Lighting suit all kinds of environment, from interior wall mounted to  exterior stainless steel garden and wall lights. Spectrum Lighting in addition supplies waterproof walkover ground lights that can be fitted in most of the areas.