LED Tube Lights from Spectrum Lighting use up to 70% less electricity than regular lamps. Spectrum Lighting’s LED Tube Lights feature high quality LEDs, emitting the same amount of brightness as conventional T series fluorescent lights, but at a substantially reduced cost.

These provide an ideal source of general illumination, suitable for use in offices, factories, supermarkets, buses, trains, task lighting, store displays, warehouse illumination and under cabinets.

As a source of such pure light and high colour rendering index, Spectrum Lighting’s LED Tube Lights represent a new advancement in environmental lighting technology.

The FFL-T8-H series of LED Tube Lights emit the same amount of light as conventional T-series fluorescents, but last up to 10 times longer with low loss of illumination.

The Green Building Fund Fact Sheet says that AusIndustry (an Australian Government Initiative) have grants ranging from $50,000 to $500,000 for retro-fitting and retro-commissioning of buildings to reduce base building energy consumption. This includes projects involving common area lighting.