Fabric room divider curtains from Specialty Group Pty Ltd are ideal for dividing large public spaces cost-effectively and efficiently.  

Fabric curtains can be used to divide large rooms including multipurpose rooms, gymnasiums or auditoriums, offering several advantages over fixed wall installations.    

Fabric curtains offer ample flexibility as they can be moved to allow a room to be used as a single large hall or potentially several smaller ones. Fabric room divider curtains also have favourable acoustic absorption properties helping to minimise echo and reverberation when there are a lot of people or activities at the venue.  

Specialty Theatre offers a wide range of room divider curtains made from velvet and wool theatre fabric in various fabric colours and designs. The fabric curtains comply with the relevant Australian building codes for flame retarding.  

A recent installation of large fabric room divider curtains at the historic St Kilda Town Hall in Melbourne not only greatly improved the functionality of the space but also maintained the historical theme and appearance.    

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