Spantech has been approved for the supply of metal shade structures to schools as part of the ‘DETE PSA-101227 – Provision of Shade Structures’ arrangement awarded by the Department of Education, Training and Employment (DETE).

Spantech is the only supplier among five companies listed in the contract to offer metal shade structures for schools that can span up to 40 metres in width.  Spantech shade structures are ideal for covering large areas at schools such as basketball and netball courts.

DETE has notified Business Services Managers at all schools that they can contact any of the suppliers directly to obtain quotes and organise the installation work. Though schools need not use the pre-qualified suppliers under this arrangement, DETE encourages them to do so because these arrangements are set up to simplify processes.

Contracting one of the suppliers from the DETE approved list ensures schools do not have to worry about research or get multiple quotes, and also have the assurance that the products meet required safety standards and offer value for money. Schools can save considerable time, money and effort while ensuring their requirements are met completely.