Spantech constructed a modern, purpose-built facility to house the third Bonny Babes Child Care Centre in Oxenford.

Planned as a 150-place centre catering for children from babies through to 6-year-olds, the Oxenford Bonny Babes facility incorporates a variety of spaces designed to suit specific age groups including an activity room and dedicated nursery for new-born babies; five activity rooms for toddlers between 15 months and 3.5 years; and three activity rooms for older kids up to 6 years old.

Designed by architect Eldon Bottcher, the Oxenford Bonny Babes Child Care Centre is the result of a very successful collaboration between Spantech, the developer and Bonny Babes. The facility features an expansive covered courtyard surrounded by generous veranda space with the covered area housing a vast selection of play equipment and surrounded by a soft fall synthetic grassed surface. The covered area functions as an ideal outdoor all-weather play area or space for large gatherings and special events.

The facility also includes a 52-space car park surrounded by attractive landscaping with play areas safely separated from the busy Tamborine Oxenford Road by the secure acoustic fencing.

The fully air conditioned building has fans in all activity rooms and generous windows and sliding doors for natural light penetration and fresh air flow. Flat sheeting and weatherboard have been utilised on the exterior walls, and painted in eye-catching colours. The second level staff room features a colourful Alucobond art panel that gives the centre its signature street appeal.

Executed by Spantech at a critical time when the Gold Coast construction industry was going through a slowdown, the project provided employment to 184 workers on site during the six months of construction in addition to indirectly supporting many local businesses.