Spantech was contracted by the Australian Department of Defence to build 34 explosives storehouses in Myambat, NSW.

Spantech won the contract to build the 23-metre explosives storehouses after successfully carrying out extensive full scale trials primarily aimed at identifying the most effective solution for the Myambat project.

Spantech completed the construction of all 34 structures in 12 months, ahead of the deadline and for significantly less than the Australian Department of Defence’s original budget estimate.

Each Spantech 23-metre ESH was designed to be able to be licensed to store up to 75,000kg NEQ of HD 1.1 at D3 and D4 NATO inter magazine safety distances. Each building can nominally store up to 380 pallets.

Spantech won the 1993 Australian Defence Industry Quality and Achievement Award in the Facilities and Property category.