Australian-owned and family-operated business Spacepark Vehicle Turntables Australia lists out five reasons why commercial and industrial facilities should invest in truck turntables.

Space is a valuable and limited commodity in industrial and commercial segments. Regardless of nature of use, it is important to ensure efficient and safe use of the allocated space. Installing a truck turntable in the facility provides an array of valuable advantages to the business.

Increase space efficiency at the loading dock

The installation of a truck turntable at the loading dock will increase space efficiency, in some cases, even reducing the required space for the application by as much as 50 percent. The unused space can be used to generate more revenue for the business.

Lower risk

There is increased risk of an incident when trucks make difficult manoeuvres in tight spaces, especially when there is heavy traffic and high pressure to get in and out of the facility. In the event of an accident, the building or property can get severely damaged, or a member of the staff can get seriously injured. A truck turntable will help avoid these dangerous situations and greatly lower the risk of an accident.

Improve site flexibility

It may be challenging for developers to find the right spot for a loading dock. In the absence of a truck turntable, there are many restrictions for a site to work effectively including problematic traffic access and small open areas. A truck turntable allows for access to these otherwise impossible sites by improving the flow of traffic at the facility.

Decrease costs

Many loading and unloading docks may require costly structural layouts to accommodate specific space and job requirements. When included in the design stage, truck turntables often eliminate the need for expensive transfer beams and other materials, decreasing construction costs by keeping the dock area within the standard parameters. The reduction in construction cost alone may completely cover the installation of a new truck turntable.

Achieve greater operational efficiency

In addition to delivering space efficiency, truck turntables can help a commercial or industrial facility save significant loading and unloading time by improving traffic flow at the facility. Truck turntables also increase dock capacity by allowing larger trucks to navigate smaller spaces, decrease requirements for traffic management staff, and lower insurance premiums through fewer damage claims.

Manufactured from high-quality, Australian-made materials based on many years of detailed research and development, Spacepark’s truck turntables can withstand constant traffic from vehicles weighing up to 30 tonnes. Spacepark also offers customisation of truck turntables to suit almost any truck size, vehicle weight, space requirement, or aesthetic finish.

Spacepark has been meeting the needs of its customers in the parking solutions industry for over 30 years.