Spacepac Industries  introduces a new line of banqueting trolleys designed to refrigerate as well as regenerate cooked food in a controlled environment to keep it fresh.  

Chillogen is an innovative concept that combines the functions of a chilled storage unit and a regeneration oven in one convenient unit. The energy-efficient banqueting trolleys need no pre-heating prior to use.  

The refrigerator unit is designed for chilling and storing cooked food in a temperature range of +2ºC to +8ºC. The regeneration oven is used to regenerate plated or bulk cooked food automatically without intervention.  

Banqueting trolleys are ideal for commercial kitchens especially during special functions to increase capacity.   

An optional transfer system increases convenience and flexibility even further. The internal rack can be rolled out of the compartment onto a transfer dolly. This allows food to be prepared and loaded at a satellite station.  

With a spare internal rack and grid shelves, food can be prepared for the next operation while the trolley is in use.  

The banqueting trolleys can be used in various individual functions:

  • Regeneration oven only with automatic or manual controls
  • Hot facility for keeping food at the right temperature for serving
  • Refrigerator for storing and chilling cooked food

The doors on these banqueting trolleys open 180 degrees on the 90 model and 270 degrees on the 60 model.  

Internal racks with anti-tilt grid shelves are also provided for convenient storage. The banqueting trolleys feature between 4 and 15 shelves and extra shelves are also supplied optionally.  

Built for reliable performance, the banqueting trolleys will continue to operate even if an element or fan fails.  

A humidifier allows choice of moist or dry air inside the unit.  

The portable banqueting trolleys feature 4 x 150mm diameter precision bearing castors including 2 fixed and 2 swivel-braked wheels.  

Stainless steel plate covers made specifically to fit plate sizes and profiles are optionally supplied.