Spacepac Industries  have introduced the Ultima Cl-80 modular and versatile shelving system.

The Ultima Cl-80 shelving system is a complete adjustable shelving package and small part storage system available.

The flexibility of Ultima Cl-80 shelving system allows it to grow as the business grows. Start simply and add on later, to the side, at the rear or even upwards. With a complete range of accessories, the applications for this product are unlimited.

The Ultima CI-80 shelving system can even be mounted on Compactus mobile bases and runners.

The Ultima CI-80 is ideal for single tier, two tier applications, compactus mobile storage solution, light to medium weight small items


Adjustable shelves - 25mm increments

Shelf stiffeners

Increase shelf load carrying capacity - e.g. 900 x 400mm - 130kg. Add stiffener - 240kg

Bin front/back stops

Bin front/back stops bolted to front or rear face of shelf to secure items.

Finishing panels

Add on frame finishing panels, rear covers and top extrusions provide a clean smart finish


  • Shelf carrying capacity: up to 240kg
  • Shelving bay: up to 1035kg
  • Carrying capacity: Reinforced frames up to 17,000kg
  • Shelving bay clear entry: 750, 900, 1050, 1200mm
  • Shelving bay clear depths: 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm
  • Shelving bay heights: 975, 1875, 2175, 2400mm
  • Shelf heights: 30mm
  • Shelf pitch – adjustable: 25mm
  • Colours: stone white. Others to be made to order