The four wheeled Mega Bin from Spacepac Industries can be used as a large waste or recycling bin. Four wheeled Mega Bins have a capacity of 1100L and can be towed in a train of five bins at a time thanks to the universal towing device. Constructed from heavy duty polyester and designed for harsh environments, four wheeled Mega Bins will provide a life time of waste disposal. 

Spacepac’s four wheeled Mega Bins are specifically designed for prolonged use in any weather.  

Typical users of four wheeled Mega Bins:

  • Manufacturers and warehouses
  • Building sites
  • Universities and councils
  • Shopping centres and other large businesses  

The four wheeled Mega Bins’ towing device enables the owner to easily tow the bin up a steep or long driveway. The strengthened base and wheels of the four wheeled Mega Bins reduces complications during relocation.  

Benefits of the four wheeled Mega Bin:

  • Capable of being towed
  • Strong, long-life outdoors design
  • Reinforced base and wheel housing
  • Smooth and easy to clean surface  

Specifications of the four wheeled Mega Bin: 

  • Capacity: 660L or 1100L models
  • Constructed from heavy duty polyester or steel