These stillages and pallet cages, from Spacepac Industries , are an efficient way to maximise your storage area. Your product and materials can be stored and handled more securely in this pallet system. All stillages and pallet cages are sturdy in construction and come in a variety of finishes.

This product is ideal for warehouses, manufacturing companies and factories. Or it can be simply used on your truck.

The rigid tubular steel construction, combined with suitable mesh, sheet or timber cladding makes it interstackable and rackable. Furthermore, they allow full use of available floor space when placed either on its self locating pallet feet or with bearers to fit into racking. Hence, these pallet cages are both space savings and cost efficient. Utilising such stillages or cages ensures protection to your material in an organised manner.

For your convenience, you can do top loading or side loading, depending on the model selected.

According to Spacepac, this product is definitely a safe and lasting solution for your materials handling problems. There is an extensive standard range of sizes and dimensions to cater to your storage requirements. Alternatively, Spacepac can custom design a solution to suit your specific needs.

Some of the standard size pallet cages:

Series 90

Overall external dimensions: 1168 W x 1035 H x 1168 D mm.

Internal storage height: 825 mm

Series 90B

Overall external dimensions: 1076 W x 985 H x 1076 D mm.

Internal storage height: 825 mm

Series 90C

Overall external dimensions: 1168 W x 1070 H x 1168 D mm.

Internal storage height: 910 mm

All pallets have 120 mm ground clearance, providing ample room for picking up by a pallet truck.