Spacepac Industries has introduced the new Gator one way speed control system which allows access in one direction only, thereby deterring wrong way traffic or unauthorised entry or exit. Each 1 metre module has nine independent retracting teeth.

When a vehicle approaches from the correct direction the teeth simply retract into the hump allowing free passage. When approached from the unauthorised direction the teeth are locked in the up position thereby denying access.

Gator one way speed control system is strong. Constructed based on steel tube 90mm diameter with 5mm wall, each hump has powder coated finish. For extra protection, the top skin is composed of a 6mm floor plate.

The speed control system is made highly visible with yellow teeth with red speed hump. All teeth operate independently of each other. Hence it is the ideal solution for controlling speed when approached from the correct direction.

Each hump measures 1m in length, 350mm in width and 55mm in height with teeth down or 115mm in height with teeth up.

Each 1 metre module comes complete with all fixings ready to install. Moulded rubber end caps complete the installation. Installation can be carried out simply using a masonry drill and socket wrench.

Gator one way speed control system complies with Australian Standard for Speed Humps TYPE 2: AS 2890.1:2004 whereby it is appropriate for use in relatively confined areas or covered and multi-storey car parks where it is desired to further check the speed of vehicles mostly traveling at 30 km/h or less.

Humps should always be placed clear of intersections and curved road ways. Humps shall not impede pedestrian or wheelchair traffic on any accessible travel path provided for people with disabilities.

Spacepac recommends installation of the awareness Sign Kit together with the humps to warn vehicles and pedestrian traffic of the Gator one way speed control system.