A cash box is a safe and secure way to store cash, valuables and important documents. Hence Spacepac Industries is offering a range of cash boxes that will assist in safe keeping at home and office.

Cash boxes are an ideal yet portable way to keep cash secure at fundraisers, retail outlets, sporting events and club or committee meetings. Cash boxes are a necessity in storing petty cash in the office. The metal cash box is handy in so many ways that it may not be realised how useful it can be.

All metal cash boxes have a removable insert tray allowing access to the space beneath for bank notes and storage of other papers.

For easier sorting of coins, petty cash boxes are supplied with a removable coin tray that is able to store fixed number of coins in each slot, consequently eliminate the chore of counting them.

With a bit of creativity, the tray can be removed and it can securely keep watches, jewellery, precious stones and even old notes and coins out of sight, deterring theft.

The recessed handle folds away neatly and assists storage and stacking. These metal cash boxes have matt impact resistant finish to prolong their durability and 2 keys each.