Following the promotion of Electric Tow Tractors, SPACEPAC Industries is launching a similar advertising campaign on Taylor-Dunn Electric Burden Carriers.

Featured in this article is Electric Burden Carrier – Model B2-48 & B2-54, the flagship of all carriers.

The Model B series product line of Electric Personnel and Burden carriers offers the ultimate versatility in load capacity, vehicle configuration and vehicle performance. This modular vehicle design allows the Model B to be configured to provide precise solutions to requirements. .

Model B burden carriers, equipped with electric drive train, provides years of reliability with low operating costs. Each burden carrier can be customised to provide effective solutions while reducing acquisition costs.

With over 150,000 vehicles in service and years of experience in providing tough and dependable product solutions to its customers, Spacepac provides multiple solutions in single product configuration. Whether the application entails carrying loads, towing loads, moving personnel, or all three, Spacepac can design a single product to meet all needs.

Model B Electric Burden Carrier can be configured to carry up to 2,268 kg of load, pull 7,938 kg of load, or carry up to 10 people. Equipped with an automotive differential matched to a 36 or 48 volt drive train, Model B Electric Burden Carrier has ideal values for utility applications.

Features of Electric Burden Carrier Model B2-48 & B2-54:

  • Type: Electric
  • Speed (Max kph): 19.3 kph for B2-48 & 11.3 kph B2-54
  • Range: 38.6 km
  • Load Capacity: 1,361 kg for B2-48 & 2,722 kg B2-54
  • Towing Capacity: 5,670 kg for B2-48 & 7,938 kg B2-54
  • Bed Size: 104.1W x 190.5L cm
  • Voltage: 36 volt