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    Spacepac Industries introduces Vehicle Mounted Bin Lifter

    Spacepac Industries

    In addition to a whole range of drum lifter, bin pick up, bin transport, Spacepac Industries has introduced the Vehicle mounted bin lifter.

    This Vehicle mounted bin lifter marks the birth of a new generation of bin lifters that uses safety, functionality and reliability as its base platform.

    Greater stability:
    With a 20% reduction in overall height the bin lifter still maintains a standard tipping height of 1830mm.

    Positive up, down operation:
    Along the power up, the power down option has been added to enhance operation.

    Smoother operation:
    The addition of two gas springs has improved the smooth operation when emptying bins.

    Robust structure:
    The compact design has resulted in an effective and robust structure.

    Safety benefits:
    As the Vehicle mounted bin lifter is a vertical lift, it eliminates the risk of injury currently encountered from forward operating machinery.

    Energy efficient:
    Cost effective and power efficient motor means 50% reduction in power consumption and double the power efficiency.

    Cost effectiveness:
    Cages can be added at minimal cost. Reduced freight cost. Cheaper setup costs.

    Spacepac Industries has highlighted the five methods of operation, which includes the following:

    • 12 volt - vehicle battery (approximately 50 lifts per day)
    • 24 volt - vehicle battery (approximately 50 lifts per day)
    • 12 volt or 24 volt - Power pack c/w charger
    • Hydraulic - Vehicle hydraulic pump (indefinite operation)
    • 240 volt - Small 240 volt AC generator (indefinite operation)

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